Wednesday, November 26, 2014

She is going to be my first caucasian companion! People won't ignore us!

 We got transfer calls on Sunday morning instead of Saturday night because the mission president wasn't finished with them. So we anxiously waited while we took the fastest showers in history. 

Sister Carter is going to be with Sister Kelly and my new companion is going to be Sister Driscoll! She's from Idaho. That's about all I know about her. We're friends on the fb though! We found each other on the "many are called... but few are chosen" fb page. I'm excited to be her companion! She's going to be my first Caucasian companion! People won't ignore us on the streets now! Everyone wants to talk to the American.

 Anyway since Sister Carter is leaving, we have so many appointments to go to! Yesterday we were RUNNING everywhere and had to stuff our faces. We got lots of love from the members though(: I'm so happy to be staying in this ward! They really are the best ward ^^
Love y'all! Sister Johnson

PICS: Korean folk village! they were filming tv show.

Monday, November 17, 2014

It truly was a miracle that we were able to meet this family!

We went ice skating last Monday for pday and I got to play with Sister Gooch! 
After p-day we hurried back to our area for an appointment. 
A few weeks ago while sticker boarding, I gave an english flyer out to a stopped car at an intersection. And guess what? She is now our newest investigator! She's mostly english interest but her family is so ready to receive the gospel. They just don't know it yet.

 Her husband was a fighter pilot and passed away some time ago so now she's raising her kids by herself. They are such good children too! While we were talking with her, the kids were just sitting on the couch next to each other, quietly reading books. Sister Carter and I have never seen that in Korean children before.
 They're usually so wild and crazy! Haha plus they're way fluent in English and I don't know what we're going to teach them cause they're already so good! But anyway. It truly was a miracle that we were able to meet this family. I have a great feeling about them(:
Have a wonderful week!

Sister Johnson

Monday, November 10, 2014

They were doing all the work! PLUS one of them wanted a Book of Mormon.

This week was pretty eventful. 
I'll just cover some of the things we did. We went sticker boarding and made friends! These middle school girls decided they wanted to help us and so they got people to come over and put stickers on the board and even gave out flyers for us. They were the best!
 I didn't even have to do anything. They were doing all the work! PLUS one of them wanted a Book of Mormon. Where did these girls come from?? It was magical.

This week we also realized we might have to drop our one solid investigator :( She isn't progressing at all and she's been meeting with the missionaries for two years now. Her daughter is learning violin and her violin teacher at school told her that if she comes to her church then shell teach more lessons and that shell be able to perform in front of the congregation…

 So now our investigator is attending another church because she got roped into it! It's so devastating... We don't know what to do about this situation! It's so sad to think that we'll have to drop them because we are in LOVE with their family..

Hope all of you have a magical Pepero holiday! (stick cracker things with chocolate! It's on November 11)
Sister Johnson

Pics: Our sticker boarding friends and Su won Zone!

I'm in this 2 min video! click to watch. 
( she is in the beginning of the photo on the left side booth handing out treats then around 40 sec & at the end in the front left corner )

Monday, November 3, 2014

She's going to start her papers & turn them in when she gets back to America!!!

Okay how awesome is my ward? For the Halloween party (that took MONTHS of preparation) all the kids brought their nonmember friends! Our investigator came and she even brought a friend! The ward members were ALL over introducing themselves to them and making sure they were always being talked with. It might have been a little 부담 (pressure/burden).. But the members are awesome! 

At the party there were more nonmembers than members! What a great turn out(: We had a monster drawing contest, cardboard cutouts of a princess and pirate that kids could stick their faces in, a mummy race, trick-or-treating and a haunted house! The haunted house was a big hit. Some kids said it wasn't scary.. Only because they had their phones out to light the way!
 The rest of the kids said it was so scary and most of them cried.. Some kids couldn't even get through the haunted house.. ㅋㅋ Our investigator's kids wanted us to go through with them. They were definitely crying and we had to PULL them through. We even had to turn on the lights so they could see everything.. 

After they got through they said it wasn't scary and they wanted to go again! So the second time through one of the girls just said everything wasn't scary and that it was 못생기다 (ugly)... But she was still terrified! We had so many good scares and we even used our investigators doll for the haunted house.

In our mission our goal is to have 10 lessons a week. Whether it's an actual investigator lesson or member practice lessons. So we set up an appointment with one of the YSA and in return we helped her with English so she could test into BYU. We started right off the bat with the lessons and she played as an investigator.
 The lesson went really well and she actually started asking questions of her own about prayer and receiving answers. She started opening up and she told us about the hardships in her life and how she used to be suicidal. But she found the church and she told us how the church and the friends she made in the church had saved her life. She told us how she is so thankful for the gospel and how it gives her hope. 

It was a very powerful experience and through practicing missionary lessons with members she was able to open up and we could really get to know her and that we had helped her and that we need to continue helping her. Moral of the story, member practice lessons aren't just for practicing!

So remember that BYU student that's in my ward who decided she was going to go on a mission? Well this week she said she's going to start her papers and for sure turn them in when she gets back to America!!! I'm so excited for her. She'll probably come to Korea on her mission. She's got Korean blood in her!
Have a great week!  
Sister Johnson

Pics: TEMPLE! There are four questionably Asian sisters in the picture. A half Chinese/white, a half Korean/white, a full Korean from New Zealand, a full Korean from Utah and Sister Jacobson..

A pic of some of my dongi(:  (MTC Members)