Wednesday, July 30, 2014

i tried Jelly Fish & Raw Crab w/ orange eggs still in the head...

So I found out that my breathing problems weren't from asthma but it was from stress??? Which does not make sense but whatever. The doctors here gave me some way sketchy pills that make my airway bigger? I'm not exactly sure what it does but if it helps, I'll take it!

We went and ate traditional food this week and I tried JELLYFISH and RAW CRAB with orange eggs still in the head... I was definitely not a big fan of either of those.... But hey at least I tried it!

Sorry no time today! But I love each one of you! Have a great week.

Sister Johnson

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If any of you have ideas to get people to come to our English class, feel free to share!

We got transfer calls and I'm staying in Anseong with Sister Kim! The only change is that Elder Fullmer is leaving and Elder Ely is coming! He was in my district in the MTC(: So that should be fun! I'm glad I'm staying here in this area. I feel like there's so much more I still need to do before I leave. I really want to build the branch! It's our main goal!

As a district we always pass out English flyers and go sticker boarding. We've handed out more than 600 flyers and how many people showed up to our English class from it? ZERO. That's cool. So we started sticker boarding which is where we put questions and have people put stickers or answers. That's a huge hit and we get sooo many students to do it for us! Buttttttt we still haven't had any of them show up to English class.. So that's even cooler. I mean who wouldn't want to go to a FREE English class??

Well if any of you have better ideas to get people to come to our class, feel free to share!
Have a wonderful week(:
Sister Johnson

p.s. Sister Kim and I may or may not have dyed our hair red... On accident. We thought the color wouldn't show! haha fail

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's amazing how fast music can bring the spirit in!

Bath house: not too shabby. We went to a pretty nice one that was like a nice resort. Hot tubs and small pools full of naked people! Haha actually once I got ever the fact that there were a bunch of people without clothes, it was totally fine! It's totally normal in Korea so it wasn't that weird I guess. If I wasn't Korean it would have been way weirder though cause everyone would have stared!  Haha!

Last week we helped a grandma pull her cart of groceries to her house. The walk would have normally taken 10-15 minutes but the grandma had really bad health problems and needed to take breaks every five minutes. So it ended up taking us 2 1/2 hours to help her home... Was it worth it? Yes, because if we didn't help her, it would have taken her 4 hours to get home!

This week has been crazy humid. I've been having a hard time breathing and so I got a blessing. That seemed to make things way better! Before it felt like I was breathing through a straw, but now I can just take deep breaths and I'm okay. Because of the humidity, it gets so hot when we farm. We all sweat so much.  I basically water the weeds with my sweat. It's really nice.

We visited a LA (Less active) last night and we felt prompted to sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth." The sons are active in the church and are thinking about serving missions, but when we sang the song for them, the mom (LA) started crying and said she definitely wanted her sons to go on missions. It's amazing how fast music can bring the spirit in!

Have a wonderful week!
Sister Johnson

Also shout out to my cuz Tay!  She's getting MARRRRRRIIIIEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!

Monday, July 7, 2014

BYU - H basketball team came to Korea for a "Friendly Match" with the best college team in korean.

USU friends: Why didn't anyone tell me Danny Berger and Jordan Stone transferred to BYU Hawaii??

On Saturday, the BYU-H basketball team came to Korea for a "friendly match" with the best college team in Korean. They came representing the U.S. and yeah... America won(: While in Korea, they also did a basketball clinic for the YM and YW. We travelled for 2 hours so our investigators could go. When the players got off the bus, I thought to myself, man those two players look exactly like the ones at USU.. yeah.. it was.. Not that many people came for the clinic but it was still a really good time! Koreans most famous basketball player was there too! His name is jee won Woo.
I always wanted to be friends with Danny Berger at Utah State and now I got the chance to be BFF's with him! In KOREA. Cool story, right?

The church the clinic was at was HUGE. It was so nice and the bathrooms even had bidets in it. BUT I didn't know how to flush it and there were lots of buttons in Korean so I just pressed a button that looked like it said flush.. all of a sudden this stick thing comes out and starts squirting water! Lets just say I was soaked with toilet water. I couldn't get it to stop for a good minute! I then realized the flusher was in the back... FAIL. Never using a bidet again.

On our way home from the bus stop, we talked to a lady and she gave us a note that said she was having really hard times and that she was searching for Jesus. That was so cool for me to experience! That never happens in Korea! Korea is so bad, my comp is convinced that the second coming will happen in Korea. haha

The other day we were talking to someone on the subway and he told us all the weird rumors he's heard about mormons. Like how we couldn't live a luxurious life and that we had no freedom, that we couldn't wear jewelry and how we could only wear black and gray. Obviously these things aren't true but I looked down and I happened to be wearing all black and gray... Double fail! Oh well.
Sorry this email was all over the place! I didn't have that much time to think about what I wanted to email. Haha have a great week!  

Sister April Johnson

Pics: JULY FOURTH PRIDE! My companion was soooooo down to represent USA haha

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Play with sparklers & crazy fireworks for me!

This week has been crazy busy! I spent half the week in Pyeong tech on exchanges and travelling. But I do have one cool story. 
Me and my companion were out proselyting and we decided to go down this one street we've never been down and as we were walking I said " hi " to this lady. She saw my Book of Mormon carrying case and was so curious of what it was. ( It has Temple & Savior's picture )
 We ended up teaching her two lessons and the spirit was so strong! That never happens to us! Yay for having cool BOM cases that catch people's eyes!(:

We got to go to the temple again! I'm so lucky to be able to go to the temple still even though it's not in our mission. SO LUCKY! And yeah... my comp and I are like oompa loompas now... We're sooo tan everyone thinks we're from Nepal. Cool.

Not much this week but I did pass my four month mark! It's crazy how fast time goes. Have a wonderful fourth of July and please play with sparklers and crazy fireworks for me! I'm gonna force my comp to wear red, white and blue on Friday... (:
Love you all!
Sister Johnson