Monday, July 7, 2014

BYU - H basketball team came to Korea for a "Friendly Match" with the best college team in korean.

USU friends: Why didn't anyone tell me Danny Berger and Jordan Stone transferred to BYU Hawaii??

On Saturday, the BYU-H basketball team came to Korea for a "friendly match" with the best college team in Korean. They came representing the U.S. and yeah... America won(: While in Korea, they also did a basketball clinic for the YM and YW. We travelled for 2 hours so our investigators could go. When the players got off the bus, I thought to myself, man those two players look exactly like the ones at USU.. yeah.. it was.. Not that many people came for the clinic but it was still a really good time! Koreans most famous basketball player was there too! His name is jee won Woo.
I always wanted to be friends with Danny Berger at Utah State and now I got the chance to be BFF's with him! In KOREA. Cool story, right?

The church the clinic was at was HUGE. It was so nice and the bathrooms even had bidets in it. BUT I didn't know how to flush it and there were lots of buttons in Korean so I just pressed a button that looked like it said flush.. all of a sudden this stick thing comes out and starts squirting water! Lets just say I was soaked with toilet water. I couldn't get it to stop for a good minute! I then realized the flusher was in the back... FAIL. Never using a bidet again.

On our way home from the bus stop, we talked to a lady and she gave us a note that said she was having really hard times and that she was searching for Jesus. That was so cool for me to experience! That never happens in Korea! Korea is so bad, my comp is convinced that the second coming will happen in Korea. haha

The other day we were talking to someone on the subway and he told us all the weird rumors he's heard about mormons. Like how we couldn't live a luxurious life and that we had no freedom, that we couldn't wear jewelry and how we could only wear black and gray. Obviously these things aren't true but I looked down and I happened to be wearing all black and gray... Double fail! Oh well.
Sorry this email was all over the place! I didn't have that much time to think about what I wanted to email. Haha have a great week!  

Sister April Johnson

Pics: JULY FOURTH PRIDE! My companion was soooooo down to represent USA haha

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