Wednesday, November 26, 2014

She is going to be my first caucasian companion! People won't ignore us!

 We got transfer calls on Sunday morning instead of Saturday night because the mission president wasn't finished with them. So we anxiously waited while we took the fastest showers in history. 

Sister Carter is going to be with Sister Kelly and my new companion is going to be Sister Driscoll! She's from Idaho. That's about all I know about her. We're friends on the fb though! We found each other on the "many are called... but few are chosen" fb page. I'm excited to be her companion! She's going to be my first Caucasian companion! People won't ignore us on the streets now! Everyone wants to talk to the American.

 Anyway since Sister Carter is leaving, we have so many appointments to go to! Yesterday we were RUNNING everywhere and had to stuff our faces. We got lots of love from the members though(: I'm so happy to be staying in this ward! They really are the best ward ^^
Love y'all! Sister Johnson

PICS: Korean folk village! they were filming tv show.

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