Monday, November 10, 2014

They were doing all the work! PLUS one of them wanted a Book of Mormon.

This week was pretty eventful. 
I'll just cover some of the things we did. We went sticker boarding and made friends! These middle school girls decided they wanted to help us and so they got people to come over and put stickers on the board and even gave out flyers for us. They were the best!
 I didn't even have to do anything. They were doing all the work! PLUS one of them wanted a Book of Mormon. Where did these girls come from?? It was magical.

This week we also realized we might have to drop our one solid investigator :( She isn't progressing at all and she's been meeting with the missionaries for two years now. Her daughter is learning violin and her violin teacher at school told her that if she comes to her church then shell teach more lessons and that shell be able to perform in front of the congregation…

 So now our investigator is attending another church because she got roped into it! It's so devastating... We don't know what to do about this situation! It's so sad to think that we'll have to drop them because we are in LOVE with their family..

Hope all of you have a magical Pepero holiday! (stick cracker things with chocolate! It's on November 11)
Sister Johnson

Pics: Our sticker boarding friends and Su won Zone!

I'm in this 2 min video! click to watch. 
( she is in the beginning of the photo on the left side booth handing out treats then around 40 sec & at the end in the front left corner )

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