Friday, April 17, 2015

I kept wondering who could have sent us these mysterious angel groceries? I was pondering it for over an hour.

Last week when Sister Northridge was deathly ill of food poisoning, we got a surprise delivery of groceries! (I forgot to write about this last week) In Korea, home delivery here is stellar. They have
people deliver your groceries to you! So last week we got a mystery delivery of groceries. There was TONS of stuff in it. I seriously thought angels had sent us this food! We didn't have much food in the fridge.. and we were low on money. I kept wondering who could have sent us these mysterious angel groceries? I was pondering it for over an hour. I was super happy and thankful that we had gotten the groceries. I kept thinking, "God is real. God is good." I kept thinking, "Is this a mistake? Or a miracle?" An hour later the delivery guy came back and was really sorry because he delivered the groceries to the wrong house. Sad. But hey at least I was really happy for an hour. Haha I know I'm ridiculous.

We went to the zoo this week! What was my favorite part? The lions of course! It was really cool cause there were about ten lions that started roaring like crazy. Amazing. After the zoo, we went to eat some delicious chicken 닭갈비 and it little did we know that it was superrrrr spicy. It was sooo good, but we were all basically crying while eating it. I swear I also blacked out a little bit. Either that or my eyes were going crazy from all that spice!

The other day Sister Northridge thought she got out area down and decided that she was going to lead us back home. We were actually really close to our house so I let her do it! She was so pumped and totally thought she knew where she was going. She's great. We laugh. A lot.
Sister Northridge: "The spirit tells me to turn left!!!"
Me: "No."

We also went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. It's a big thing in Korea. All the trees are beautifully filled with cherry blossoms! It was really fun, but it was way too crowded and I can see lots of trees with flowers everywhere..

Okay CONFERENCE though. Did anyone else feel like most of the talks were centered on marriage and families? Super great, but kind of awkward as a missionary. Especially when watching conference in a small room with the elders in our district. Anyway, I still really loved conference! Just taking notes for the future(;

Things that I loved!
"Families go back before this earth was, and will go forward into the eternities." -Elder L. Tom Perry

"I can teach you to dance, but you need to hear the music. We learn the dance steps with our minds, but hear the music in our hearts. Dance steps require discipline, but joy only comes as we hear the music. As teachers (missionaries), we must expand our curriculum by teaching more than just the dance steps." -Elder Wilford W. Andersen
We have to teach investigators more than just the lessons! Teach people, not lessons.

"Saint- a sinner who keeps on trying. God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming, not who we used to be. No failure need be final. If we don't try, we're just Latter Day Sinners. If we don't endure, we're just Latter Day Quitters. If we don't allow others to do the same, then we're Latter Day Hypocrites." -Elder Dale G. Renlund

"Heavenly Father knows you're a successful missionary. What else matters? The service that counts the most is recognized by God." -Elder Michael T. Ringwood

"The artist knows what he wants to accomplish. Even though we cannot see the ending product, the artist knows. God knows! We cannot see our finished product, but with faith, we know that we can be made beautiful." -Elder Rafael E. Pino

Sorry these are probably not the exact quotes, they're my notes, but I love them! There isn't a whole lot to share this week, but conference was amazing. Cherry Blossom Festival was fun. My companion is great. Korea is warm. Life is good. God is good.
Have a great week!
Sister April Johnson

PICS: THE ZOO! And three out of six of my companions!

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