Monday, December 15, 2014

Have I ever prayed to Heavenly Father & thanked Him for my belief in him?

This week we had interviews with the mission president and we were supposed to bear our testimonies of the Savior and His atonement so I shared 2 Nephi 26:25 with him. I love this scripture because it shows us how much Jesus loves us! Christ already paid the price for us so all we have to do is come unto Him. The gospel is free and so is our salvation! We just need to COME UNTO HIM!(:

Anyway.. This week may have been the craziest week of my life. We weren't quite able to reach our 10 lesson goal, but we did get 8! We got a huge curve ball thrown at us! A miracle, really. Last Sunday we had members in our ward refer their parents. The father had a stroke last year and cannot walk, speak or write. Because of that, they stopped drinking and smoking. Their kids(members) joked around with them saying that they were ready to become Mormons! And that's what got them really thinking about the church. They have a huge interest in temples and eternal families especially since the mom just had her sibling die. So having her grandchildren do baptisms for the dead for them really caught her interest. 

Anyway, we met them last Sunday and on Tuesday their kids called us and said that they want them to get baptized on Dec 28 because their kids are coming to Korea from Utah for the Christmas break so they want the boys to baptize their grandparents. That might have stressed us out a bit! Less than 3 weeks to teach them all the lessons and get their interview in?? I've only ever taught the first lesson and Sister Driscoll doesn't have much experience teaching further than that as well.. So we had the Elders come teach with us so we could really pound in all the lessons. 

This past week we've met them three times and they came to church! (First time I've actually had investigators come to church..) We taught them a lot, but not enough! So it's a bit stressful trying to do this in a very short amount of time. Their interview is coming up and I'm not really sure if they're completely ready. They have some things in the past that they need to figure out. This time limit is so stressful! But then again we've really been blessed! We are honestly doing nothing to make this happen. It truly is the Lord and we are His hands. So we may or may not have baptisms coming up but it's our goal and we are preparing them for this decision. 
This story is seriously so scrambled I'm sorry if no one understands. So much has happened this past week it's kind of hard to sum it all up!

ANYWAY. Our other investigator that is 14 kept her commitment to pray this week(: We invited her to pray at the end of our lesson too and it was the most sincere prayer I've ever heard from a 14 year old! In her prayer she thanked God for being able to meet with the missionaries, she asked Him to help her go to church every week, she said she was going to start praying more loyally and she thanked God for her belief in Him. The spirit was so strong and afterwards, Sister Driscoll and I were BEAMING! But it really made me think, have I ever prayed to Heavenly Father and thanked Him for my belief in Him?

Have a great week! Sorry for the strange and confusing email. LOVE YOU!!! 
 Sister Johnson

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