Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Member referrals are the best!

Okay craziness of my life. This week has been so stressful and confusing. Trying to see if the baptism was going to happen or not. But the baptism is still on for the 28th! The husband in the wheelchair isn't getting baptized. Just the wife is! The husband still needs more time to accept and understand the gospel. Since he can only half listen, when we teach it's sometimes hard for him to understand. So when we continue to teach him, we'll have to do it with lots of pictures and speak slowly and simply. The wife had a few problems with keeping the commandments. 
She was worried about not being able to keep all of them and facing God's wrath. So I found the scripture Alma 26:35 with her and it says that He has all the power, all wisdom, and all understanding; He comprehendeth all things and is merciful. So we testified to her that as long as she tried her best, Heavenly Father would understand and that He would be merciful. He truly knows ALL things and He understands!

We also picked up a new investigator! It was a referral from the member that referred his parents to us and are now getting baptized. He called us one morning just thinking he was going to talk to us about his mother-in-law but instead he gave us ANOTHER referral! Member referrals are the best!

Got to go to my cousins? wedding this week! I got permission and got to see all of the aunts and uncles in Korea! That was pretty cool. I don't really know them very well but it was fun to see some familiar faces! Actually going to the wedding was a little insane. People I didn't even know came up to me and started grabbing my face.. Haha that was fun!

We also had our ward Christmas party which was a hit! So many people came we didn't have room for everyone! I wish that many people came to church on regular Sunday church meetings... haha but lots of less actives and nonmembers came so that was a success(:
We also had meal appointments back to back this week. One day we went to a buffet with members for lunch and then visited another member for a practice lesson and she gave us more food and then we had a dinner appointment with another member and I almost died. I felt so full I was literally going to throw up! On the walk to the bus stop I never had such a desire to throw up! I now know how American missionaries feel... I feel so bad for them! Mom, don't overfeed the missionaries cause they'll probably

explode! We also had another appointment with a member and we talked to her about having faith in Jesus Christ and she told us that she relies on Christ- for EVERYTHING. For learning the piano, to help make good food, etc.. But to realize that we truly can rely on Him for anything and everything was really cool. I need to really rely on Him like that as well. Even for the little things!

Well have a wonderful Christmas week! I'm so excited(:(: MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM KOREA!

Sister Johnson

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