Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My companion & I can suddenly speak Korean! Well...

This week we picked up three investigators and hit our goal of 10 lessons this week! We actually got 11! We worked REALLY hard to hit that goal. Usually we have 3-4 lessons a week... Whether we meet with investigators or members, I've realized that even the members need us. We've had so many members act as investigators but really ask questions they personally have. Through that, they are able to receive our help without having to be embarrassed by asking. 
We did a practice lesson with the girl that just got off her mission and we felt inspired to share with her a talk by Elder David A. Bednar about receiving the Holy Ghost. 
She said she really wanted to keep the spirit with her all the time and sharing that with her was an answer to her prayers! Sister Driscoll had said that it was such a coincidence that we decided to share that, but the member then said that there are NO COINCIDENCES! And that is so true. We were guided by the Spirit to share that message.

We were going through the former investigators trying to see if anyone wanted to meet with the missionaries again. We called up this 14 year old girl and said we wanted to meet her. I was actually a little (a lot) worried about this. On her record, it said she stopped meeting the missionaries because her dad was really against it. So I was really worried and scared! I didn't want to meet her and upset her dad again! So before we walked into her apartment, I asked Sister Driscoll to say a prayer asking God that everything would work out. 
Afterwards, I immediately felt comforted, calm and I knew everything would be okay! We got up to her apartment and she said no one else was home. WHAT. It was an answer to our prayers. We picked her up as an investigator and she said that it was okay that we met with her! YAY!

We also went to the temple this week and as I was finishing my prayer at the temple, I picked up the nearest scriptures in Korean. I started flipping through them, mostly because I can't understand them and I found a piece of paper from 2011 that had some scriptures written down. Hebrews 10:22-24 and Psalms 27:4-7. I later went home and looked them up. I feel like because I had found those scriptures, I was obligated to look them up. 

It says, "he is faithful that promised," and that we draw near to God with a true heart in full assurance of faith. It also talks about dwelling in the house of the Lord and to sing unto Him and He will answer. After I read those verses, it confirmed to me that God really does know me and He WILL answer my prayers, especially in HIS house!

We did another practice lesson with a Japanese sister in our ward. She is in Korea because her husband is working for Samsung. We taught her in English because she used to live in the U.S. as well!  But that lesson was probably the most powerful lesson I had ever had. We weren't teaching her, she was teaching us. She said she often felt sad in Korea because she doesn't know the language and she can't express what she wants. But then she reminds herself that Christ didn't give up and so she can't either. CHRIST NEVER GAVE UP. 
The spirit was so strong and her testimony was powerful. Whenever I'm down, I need to remember her testimony and remember that I can keep going!

We have been poured with miracles. I am just so thankful and I love being a missionary! We have a new investigator who is 19 and she tried reading the Book of Mormon. Even though it was really hard for her, she looked up words she didn't know on her phone! We got a referral from ward members! They are strictly gospel interest (that's a first for me) we met and the spirit was so strong! We accidentally took a $20 taxi, but ended up having a great conversation with the driver. My companion and I can suddenly speak Korean! Well... We are at least trying to! ^^ 

We met with a member who is going back to the U.S. soon and figured out she really needed someone to talk to and that we could help her. When appointments cancelled on us, we'd magically have other people calling to make appointments with us! 
With all these miracles I have really realized how wonderful missionary work is. There really is nothing else like it!

Thank you for all your prayers!!! They truly do help!

 Have a wonderful week!(:   Sister April Johnson

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