Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm sure she thought we were a little crazy...

"Time sure flies when you're having fun! And/or engaged in the work of the Lord."

I swear I was just in this PC room emailing everyone, but here I am again! This week we met with our miracle long lost member again and she is seriously the best! She has such a desire to come back to church and to have her son baptized and go on a mission! But I'm not really sure that's something he'd want... haha when she said that he was like "WHAT?!" He's 18 years old and is just now hearing about the church. His reaction was pretty funny.

We also went to the Korean Folk village with our investigator! She's so amazing and she's our Korean BFF. We also took her to a stake youth conference type thing and she loved that! I even got to see my 안성 members (last area: Anseong) and that was so fun! The sad thing is that our investigator has to drop us now.. She has to start studying hard for school since she needs to get into a good college and so she won't be able to meet us anymore:( But I'm praying that she'll have time after test season so she can meet with the missionaries again! Our other investigator goes to school in New Zealand and so we won't be able to meet with her anymore either.. Kind of a bummer. I hope she runs into the missionaries in New Zealand! That would be amazing.

We also tricked our other investigator to come to church.. She attends a different church because her daughter takes violin lessons from one of their members and teaches her extra lessons after church.. So I came up with the idea to have the missionaries sing in sacrament next week and to invite our investigator's daughter to play the violin while we sing! haha they said yes, but with a lot of hesitation. After we left their house, I felt really bad kind of bribing them into coming to church.. But as long as she gets there and feels the Spirit, that's all that matter, right?!

We had a lesson with our 14 year old investigator too and we asked her if she was able to read the pamphlet on the Restoration. She wasn't able to cause her mom threw it away so we just talked about it. (we've already given her three pamphlets) She surprisingly remembered EVERYTHING we had taught her from last time. Detail by detail. It was amazing. I wanted to point out a specific part in the pamphlet and so we pulled out another pamphlet and our investigator just bursts out laughing! She couldn't believe that we had SO many of those pamphlets! I'm sure she thought we were a little crazy... Okay this story was a lot more funnier in the moment..

It's been just another awesome week!

Have a great week!

Sister Johnson

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