Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So this past week we dropped two investigators, but we also picked up FOUR!!! I don't know how that happened, but these past two transfers have been insane. I've never had so many investigators and referrals in my whole life!

On Saturday we went sticker boarding with the district by the entrance/exit of a subway. We had these nicely made flyers made by one of the elders and we put them to use! It was super busy and we were pretty popular, Sister Driscoll and I talked afterward and said that had been the most successful sticker boarding we had ever done! 

I had even had a great conversation with a lady about our English program and a little bit about our church. She was pretty interested so I gave her a flyer.. By the end, some people in dog costumes took over our area.. they were advertising their dog cafe (a cafe with dogs you can play with). So we called it quits but still felt pretty successful! 

Then on Sunday we were in Ward Mission Council and the elders brought up one small piece of information that was shocking. THE PHONE NUMBER ON THE FLYER WAS WRONG. The elder who had made it accidentally switched two of the numbers.. They called that number that was on the flyer and a lady answered telling them that she had received a lot of phone calls.. ALL THE INVESTIGATORS WE COULD HAVE HAD! 

Haha when we found out, I was in shock for ten minutes. I couldn't believe it! Our best sticker boarding ever. Wrong number. All those potential investigators.. WHY?!?! Haha we were all pretty upset/frustrated/confused, but in the end we'll all laugh about this, right? That just means we have to try harder the next time we do sticker boarding! 
And continually apologize to the person whose number is on our free English flyers..

That's all I really have to say this week! It's been a pretty slow week. A lot of our appointments cancelled this week. But I did find out I have to stay on this strict cabbage diet for my acid to go down.. Yay.. Cabbage..

Have a great week!!! And remember to EDIT things before you use it! haha

Sister Johnson

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