Wednesday, February 4, 2015

He asked Sister Driscoll "You're American right? Isn't it a custom to kiss people on the cheeks when you greet goodbye?

So first off, I just want to say how awesome it is serving in Korea. Not only in Korea, but in the mission my parents served in. Not only that, but also being able to serve in the same zone where they first met. Suwon. Being in Suwon has been amazing. I have met sooo many people that knew my parents and many of those people have looked up to them. I'm not saying this to brag, but as I hear about my parents' mission days and how hard they worked, it makes me want to work even HARDER to be even close to what my parents were. At least weekly I run into people who knew my parents. It's been so cool to be able to work with these people that worked with my parents.

This week I bought a primary children's songbook for our investigator's daughter. She's been learning the violin and I thought it would be good to get some good solid church music for her to play! I bought it and I'm going to put my testimony in the front cover so that when she gets older, she'll be able to remember the missionaries and understand more about the gospel. She's too young to really understand now, and honestly at this rate, I don't think her family is going to convert, but I just wanted to do that little thing for her! I hope it means something to her in the future.

We went to the temple this week and on the way home, we started talking to this guy. He seemed really nice, talking with us and stuff, but it turns out he was just really drunk and he wanted to get our phone numbers so we just lied and said we didn't have a phone cause we were missionaries... haha the conversation lasted a good fifteen minutes until it was our subway stop. 
He asked Sister Driscoll "You're American right? Isn't it a custom to kiss people on the cheeks when you greet goodbye?" haha I hurried and said "No that's Europe!!!" and ran off the subway just in time! haha nice timing. We also had a lesson and Sister Driscoll was trying to say something like "Did you pray  about Joseph Smith?" And our investigator got a really worried look on her face. She thought Sister Driscoll had said "Did you pray TO Joseph Smith?" haha Korean...

We also had another lesson with an investigator that is strictly friend interest. She has no gospel interest and so it's been hard bringing up the gospel with her. But the day before we met with her, she texted us apologizing because she was probably going to be in a bad mood. I was prepared for the worst. We met and she poured out her soul. She knew she had all these trials and she just wanted a way to overcome them. I was actually able to connect with her really well through my experiences and I took that as an opportunity to bear my testimony and tell her that Heavenly Father knows us and he is always with us no matter what. I told her of my hard experiences in life and told her that Heavenly Father wouldn't give her anything she couldn't handle. We asked her to pray and she said that she would. 

It was really sad to see her at a time of struggle, but honestly, Sister Driscoll and I were thankful for it, because it gave us a chance to share our testimonies and help her through this hard time. Sister Driscoll and I also listen to this particular song every morning and I just wanted to share it. 
"There's a God above who's full of love
Who knows your name and wants to give you freedom.
He's not ashamed of who you are, where you've been or just how far you've run.
The Lord hears your prayers if you'll let Him.
God knows your name, He is your kind friend."

Anyway, have a great week everyone! We've been so busy that we don't even get a full P-day today! Too many appointments... WHAT?? Haha I don't know how it's happening...

LOVE YOU! 사랑해요!

Sister Johnson 존슨 자매 ^^

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