Friday, March 14, 2014

Older sister missionaries tried to prank us !!! Could you imagine waking up to people screaming & shaking your bed?

Friends and family,

I am so blessed to be surrounded by incredible people! My district is my family now. I know for a fact that we will be friends for life. The teachers are equally as incredible.

The language is getting easier. I think the first few days were tough because everything we were learning was brand new information. We can actually teach our investigators real lessons now! I mean, they're not very long and aren't very detailed, but hey it works!

This weeks devotional talked about conversion and being completely converted to the gospel. I know I am converted. Everything about this gospel has brought me so much joy. The experiences I've had here are once in a lifetime. I thank Heavenly Father day and night for letting me be here to serve him. I could not picture myself being anywhere else.

My companions are HILARIOUS. Yes, I said companions. I only really have one companion, but my roommates are basically my comps too. The four of us are always together and everyone calls us the crazy foursome. The older missionaries look up to us, because we're always making things fun! I love these girls so much. And here I was really worried because I don't really have a lot of girl friends. 

Sometimes we decide to match or switch name tags. Gotta spice up the MTC life somehow! The other night, the older sister missionaries tried to prank us (they're not necessarily old, they've just been here longer than we have). We were getting ready for bed, just chatting and talking about random things when Sister Kelly goes, "There's a dead body under the bed!" We all start freaking our and we find Sister Jacobson under one of the beds. Luckily, she wasn't dead. We then realized that Sister Lyman and Sister Collinwood were under the other two beds. They had been hiding under our beds for an hour just waiting for us to go to bed so they could scare us. I'm so glad we caught them before we went to bed, because I probably would have been scarred for life. Could you imagine waking up to people screaming and shaking your bed?!

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to go to the temple once a week. We always get so excited when pday comes. Temple and emailing day! It's pretty much the best thing ever.

I will send picture when I can.. Honestly I have no idea how to work these computers.. So it may take a while.. But don't worry, I am taking lots of pictures!

"As missionaries, we don't knock on doors to find investigators. We knock on doors to find those God has prepared for us."

Have a great week!
Sister April Johnson

President Snow & sister snow( My mom's mission president ) & my comp sister Gooch at the MTC 

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