Saturday, April 19, 2014

" We finally got our investigator to pray out loud! "

We finally had an apostle come and speak to us! Elder Neil L. Andersen came and spoke to us about living the Doctrine of Christ. As soon as he entered the room, I felt the Spirit so strongly. He spoke about how our testimony of Christ should be firmly within our hearts. As we teach and live the Doctrine of Christ, we will always have the Savior and His gospel because it will be engraved in our hearts.

Last P-day after emailing, a few of us went over to west campus to get Jamba's. I'm not entirely sure if that's allowed.. But a teacher said we could do it! On the way there, we got the coolest bus driver. I feel like he was a little high.. He was showing us his instagram on the whole ride there. HE WAS INSTAGRAMMING WHILE DRIVING A BUS. I was scared for my life. I didn't want to die because the bus driver was being reckless. But it was a little hilarious at the same time. Hopefully when we go again today, he'll be a little more responsible.

The other day, Sister Gooch and I were teaching our one investigator that won't pray. We FINALLY got him to pray out loud because she basically was commanding him to. She said, "Brother, pray NOW." (command form) In Korean, of course. It was hilarious and I could tell he was trying not to laugh. In his prayer, he didn't address Heavenly Father or end with "in the name of Jesus Christ" but we were just happy he finally prayed for us. Then I was trying to get him to come to church and he said he didn't feel comfortable with all the people at church. So I tried to tell him that we could sit in the back with him, but I accidentally said that we could sit on HIS back. So embarrassing!

For TRC we taught an actual Korean in Korea! How? Missionaries now have this way cool teleportation devise so we can get to Korea in seconds. Kidding, we skyped this way cool guy and he gave us a little tour of Korea! It was the greatest thing ever! I can't wait to Skype again!

The Branch Presidency always chooses one Elder and one Sister to speak for five minutes in Korean about a specific topic in Sacrament meeting. They announce who gets to speak right then and there. It's always way suspenseful and it feels like the hunger games. Lucky me, I was chosen to speak. It was way scary, but I got through it and everyone said I did a great job.. I'm not so sure about that.

Sorry my emails aren't more exciting, but guess what?! TEN MORE DAYS UNTIL KOREA! And only NINE MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! This month is surely a great one!

Love you all,
Sister April Johnson

I really am getting more and more Asian. It's great.

"We were called to teach, preach and baptize. Be filled with faith. GOD CALLED US. He didn't call us to fail."

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