Thursday, May 22, 2014

She wanted me to marry her son...

So this week has been great! We went farming again and the lady had us cut down HUGE trees. It was so dangerous and NOT okay. The elders almost died! She also had us crush these seed things that go on top of rice and I SWEAR there was mouse poop in it.. So I really pray that we never eat at her house.. I don't want to die. Haha!

This week we got to go to the Temple and I am so blessed to be able to go once a transfer!  It's a small Temple, but it's so beautiful! I got to see Sister Gooch, so temple day was even better!!!

One day we were waiting for the bus and I gave this lady my seat. She was so impressed by my little kindness that she wanted me to marry her son... but after getting to know her a little bit more, she wanted us to meet with her and her daughter to help their lives. So we got her phone number! That was the first number we got in Anseong.. Haha but that just shows you how important it is to always be considerate and serve others!

The missionaries are in charge of the young women and young men group here in our small branch so this week we got to go bowling! So much fun.

I really love Korea and the many opportunities I have here to do missionary work. I am so blessed to be sent to Anseong. I thought I was sent here to help Anseong, but honestly, I was sent here so Anseong could help me.

Have wonderful week and write me!

Sister April Johnson
Korea Seoul South Mission
24-1 Ogeum-dong
Seoul, Korea


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