Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I had a cow head soup & found a piece of meat with HAIR STILL ON IT.

Before I go off talking about Korea, I have to thank everyone for making my birthday so special! My companions and I celebrated my drinking age by drinking koolaid jammers! Being 21 for two days was awesome(:  haha our last days in the MTC were so sad, but I loved it! The Elders all gave us blessings and it was such a spiritual moment. I miss my MTC district!

We arrived in Korea safely and we spent the night at the mission home, got training and met our comps! Mine is awesome. She's Korean and knows perfect English. She has been out for 10 months! I'm the only one who got a Korean comp. Lucky me! When they were telling us who our comps were, Sister Kim said she wanted me because I had a special spirit about me! That's awesome because I love her so much!

We got sent to one of the hardest areas in the mission. An seong. We are opening the mission for sister missionaries. There haven't been sister missionaries here for 24 years!!! We don't have any investigators or anything so we are starting new. And let me tell you, it's SOOOO hard! My self-esteem is really to the ground right now... But I'm slowly learning to love the area. It's hard because it's country so there is no one to talk to! The Lord must really trust us to open this area. A brand new missionary?!? WHY? Haha it's really hard on me and I have never been so homesick! But every day I try my best and that's all the Lord needs. One day I'll understand why I was sent to this area.

My district here is great. I see them all the time. Our service is helping a less active with her farm. It's so fun! Pulling weeds and planting stuff(: I love it! Our ward is TINY. There are about 30 people? It was so small, but I can feel great work coming along with the members. We also teach four English classes a week. It's crazy but fun!

The other day we went out to eat as a district and Sister Kim told me to order this soup with meat in it. I thought it sounded good and she was getting it too. After I started eating it, an Elder told me it was cow head soup. I was a little freaked out, but I kept eating it... THEN I found a piece of meat with HAIR STILL ON IT. I couldn't eat it so I gave it to Sister Kim. She said that's the best part.... UHHH... no. I ate the rest of the soup, but never again will I get that soup.... Haha

Although this area is super hard, I know I was sent here for a reason. Korea is great! Everyone should send me mail, yeah??(:

Have a great week! You are ALL in my prayers.
Sister April Johnson

My AMAZING district and incredible teachers! And a picture of Sister Kim and I after farming.

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