Monday, June 16, 2014

I know we were sent here for a reason!

Not much to write about this week! But we did finally get an investigator!!!!! WOOT! It's sad though because her father-in-law just died last night. Sounds like she needs the plan of salvation in her life, right??(: We are going to the funeral tonight. I'm slightly scared because I've never been to a funeral that I remember.

We've been visiting a lot of members and less-actives this week and it's crazy how many problems there are in this branch. But I know that Sister Kim and I were sent here to comfort certain people and help them with their struggling faith! I know we were sent here for a reason!

Our district has started doing street boarding downtown and let me tell you, it's the funnest thing ever! We get to talk to so many people and the conversations we have with some people are great.. but I always get so pumped when we do it!

Well I hope everyone is doing wonderfully! Love and miss you all(:  S. April Johnson

Pics: street boarding downtown. me and the best popingsu EVER. So delicious. I'm definitely going to open a cafe in Utah, that's for sure.

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