Tuesday, June 3, 2014

E. Cook shook 400 missionaries hands. He spoke about everything i need to hear!

So farming is always a blast. It's getting harder and harder since it's getting really hot. Plus I swear the bugs are on steroids! Sister Kim always ends up running around screaming her head off because of the bugs! Haha

This week I got to go on exchanges with the Pyeong tech sisters. It was so much fun! We went and ate at a members house and she KEPT feeding us. Every time we would finish our food, she would just pile more and more! We almost died. I'll probably never eat boiled chicken again! There's also a member in An seong who serves us dirt tea. It literally looks and tastes like dirt tea. I've had it so many times that I kind of like it now...

I got to meet so many people that I know this week! My family friends from California came to visit Korea and she just happened to visit her cousin in Anseong who is a less active who was planning on meeting with the missionaries. We saw each other and couldn't believe it! What are the chances of both of us being in Anseong at the same time. I also got to meet some family. It was so great! They aren't members of the church and they had a lot of questions about the church. Now all I have to do is baptize them, right??(;

Elder Cook came and spoke to the Seoul and Seoul South missionaries. He went around shaking all 400 missionaries hands. His talk was amazing and it really did answer all of my questions and worries that I had. The spirit was so strong and I've never had that much personal revelation like that! Everything he spoke about was everything I needed to hear. "ALL missionaries make an impact. We have great power. Not because we know the lessons. Not because we know the language. But because we have been set apart with the power of God. We testify of the Savior because we know the truth. We ARE THE walking message."

This week has been such an amazing one. Time has been flyyyying by! I stop to think about the things I have done so far and I can't believe all the things we have accomplished. I love Korea!

Have a great weekJ

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