Monday, June 16, 2014

We were trying to visit a less active & went to Dae jon mission! oops!

So this week my companion and I broke the law. Not really, but we broke the mission rules.. We were trying to go visit a less active and our area is at the very bottom of our mission. We accidentally went too far and went into the Dae jon mission! Oops.. Except I think my companion purposely "mislead" us there because she's from Cheon an and that's where we ended up at. She just wanted to visit her family(; But an elder in my district said we were now contaminated because we went into Dae jon.. Oh well!

So my area is pretty interesting. We see people peeing and doing some of their other business on the roads. Umm that's An seong for ya!

This week we had a combined picnic with Pyeong taek and it was tons of fun! We played lots of sports and ate great food. We invited our "investigators" to come and they really enjoyed it! We asked them if they wanted to take the lessons and they said yes! So we pretty much have an investigator now! Sorta.. haha
Tons of stuff happened this week but I don't have much time! Just know that I love Korea and I couldn't be a missionary and learn the Korean language without the Lord's help. I am so thankful for the many blessings and the miracles I have seen here.

Have a wonderful week and count your blessings!  Sister April Johnson

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