Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I felt so strange in the food court with all these Americans!

I went to the hospital this last week and they hardly checked me. The doctor looked inside my ear for two seconds and prescribed me a million pills.... SOOOO I dislike doctors here very much.

Because I've been so sick these past few weeks, Sister Kim and I went to the Riding's house and stayed there for a few days. They are the senior couple in Pyeongtaek. They actually serve on base so we were able to go into Camp Humphrey's (the US ARMY base) and eat AMERICAN food there. 
I felt so strange in the food court with all these Americans. I felt like I was in a mall in Utah.. But it was great to feel a little at home. Plus I've been DYING to see what it looked like on base past the huge walls and security.

On Thursday we went to the temple and that was great. Sister Hales, Sister Kang and I all matched(:  I love the temple. Even on rainy days, it's a beautiful place! Afterwards we all went to eat at a meat buffet and I ate a baby octopus. Whole. It was pretty good but the tentacles were kind of freaky!

This week Sister Kim and I were able to teach our first actual investigator together! It went soooo well and the girl has so much potential! We found her by street boarding. We were actually talking to another girl but she wasn't interested and this lady overheard us and asked us what we were doing. She then told us that she wanted her daughter to learn English and start going to a church. SCORE! Even though the mom attends a different church, she's all for having her daughter come to our church! Now the question is, how do we get her mom to start coming to our church?(;
Well that's all for this week! I'm going to Severance Hospital today to finally get a diagnosis for my sickness. It's the best hospital in Korea so everyone pray for me! I hope it's not cancer, a deathly rare disease, or worse.. ^^  Knock on wood! 

Love you all!   
Sister Johnson

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