Saturday, August 16, 2014

I got to teach actual investigators!

We went to Pyeongtaek and stayed there for the entire week. 
We've been having lots of health problems and have been wondering if it was our house in Anseong, so we had to "rest" in another area! It was a lot of fun though.

 I got to teach actual investigators as I went on exchanges and that was awesome. FIRST TIME! 
The spirit was so strong and I even gave a soft baptismal commitment. It wasn't perfect.. but I did it!(: I actually went and taught with Sister Hales a lot this past week and it's been really good experience! Especially since I haven't taught an actual investigator.. Ever.

We also had zone conference this week and guess what mom??? Anseong branch sang a musical number in front of everyone... I will never sing another duet in my life!

On Saturday we went to the Osan Air Base and did "Osan Troops for Trash." It's where we just go around picking up trash with the Osan base soldiers. It was soooo weird seeing that many white people! I seriously felt like I was in America again. 
Like what are they all doing in Korea?? They're in the US army, but what do they even do in Korea? I still have no idea. But it was such a strange feeling seeing that many Americans that weren't missionaries. Way cool experience though and I got to share the gospel in English! AND IT'S SO MUCH EASIER IN ENGLISH. I dislike English speaking missionaries.. haha!

"On average, a convert runs into the missionaries SEVEN times before accepting the invitation to meet again and start taking the lessons. Talk to EVERYONE. It could be their seventh time."

Have a great week!

Sister April Johnson

Pics: Pool in 평택. And it rained cats and dogs. Rain went through the umbrella!

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