Thursday, August 28, 2014

Due to lack of sister missionaries coming in An Seong sisters are closing!

Anseong sisters are closing!   Due to the lack of sister missionaries coming in.

 Sister Kim and I opened the area and now we're closing it! I feel like we were sent there for a special mission.. But I just don't know what it is yet.. haha some day I will find out!
I'm transferring and my new companion is Sister Carter! This area is in my same zone so I know the people and the area a bit! I'm excited to finally go to a new area and teach actual investigators!

This week I went to the hospital five times!  It's been a fun adventure. There isn't anything noticeably wrong with my body, but the doctors want to do all these tests on me so I just go with it! There may or may not be something wrong with my organs.. Haha but did you know you had to be diagnosed with a migraine by a doctor? I had no idea. So they diagnosed me and gave me a million more drugs to take!
 Except they don't work. So that's cool!

This week we went and did Troops for Trash by Camp Humphrey's (the US Army base) there weren't that many Americans there this week but I did get to have a really good conversation with a former investigator and spark her interest in starting the lessons again! She's a Korean woman and mostly just has English interest. But it's okay because that's how it can all start!

After Troops for Trash, we went and made candy!  With pure sugar.  
We took the sugar and melted it with baking soda and then let it dry in more sugar! The candy was actually really good. But that was a fun experience.

I'm sad to leave Anseong and leave our few investigators and potential investigators. It's hard to leave things with loose ends. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to these people especially since we don't know when Anseong will be open for sisters again. I just hope and pray that the Lord will take care of them while we're gone.

Have a great week!
Pics: Last time at the Anseong branch! And right before troops for trash!

Sister Johnson

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