Thursday, September 4, 2014


This week has been crazy. 
We had to clean out the entire An seong sister's house because we're completely moving out and closing. That was fun. We also had some meals with members and less actives. It's so hard to leave them behind knowing that sister missionaries may never come to that area again! There just aren't enough sister missionaries coming out anymore. But a member did give me a coat and some shoes which was much needed because winter is coming and I don't have a coat! Apparently winters here are death...

Then on Wednesday it was transfer day! It was great seeing all the other missionaries transferring too. I met with Sister Carter who is from Washington D.C. and we went to Severance Hospital for 6 hours. 
I had to get this tubey camera thing up my nose. and I saw everything in my throat and lungs. GROSS. BUT I finally got a diagnosis! Something is wrong with my stomach acid since being here in Korea. It's some sort of disease? I'm not sure, but it's what the pills say. The stomach acid is making my breathing area swell up so that's why it's been so hard for me to breathe. So now I have to take these pills twice a day for two months. But here's the worst part.

 NO PIZZA. NO CAKE. NO SODA. NO CHOCOLATE. NO HAPPINESS. I don't know if I just can't eat these things while I'm on the medication, or if I can't eat those things forever... yay..

Anyway I went to my new area Gok ban jeong and my district and the ward is great! the ward is so much bigger than An seong was! We're even going to have BYU students attending our ward who are here studying! And guess what? I know one of the from the MTC. He was a Mong teacher there. Such a small world! Even on Monday we went to FHE on Camp Humphrey's base  and one of the soldiers there was my home teacher at Utah State that lived across the hall from me in Pine view! Small world.

I love this area already though. I love the investigators and the members!

Sister Carter and I started doing Ukelele proselyting. I'll let you know how that goes. We gave it a swing last night and no one ever came to talk to us... We either scared them with the giant mormon poster or we just scared them off with our singing. Luckily when we were about to wrap it up, one man came and talked to us! It just might work(:

Anyway have a great week! I'm not dying... yet!(:

Sister Johnson

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