Tuesday, September 9, 2014

"Don't dare give me your seat! Do you think i'm that old?

So ukulele proselyting isn't as successful as we thought it would be. People tend to walk around us.. They avoid us like we're the plague! They'd rather walk around us and take the longer way to their destination than make awkward eye contact with us! Oh well, their loss. They're just missing out on a great show about the gospel. ^^

Mission tour was this week and Elder and Sister Aoyagi came to speak to us. I've never seen a cuter Japanese couple before! They gave us wonderful insight for the mission and it was a great spiritually fed day. On the way to the conference we were on the subway and I tried to give this lady my seat but she used both of her hands and shoved me back into my seat. That really took me by surprise. She said, "Don't dare give me your seat! Do you think I'm that old?!" Haha I mean she was pretty old.. But I was just trying to be nice. But that started a great conversation that lasted the whole ride.

 I've had so many great experiences that have started by trying to give someone my seat. Another sister shared her experience with me as well. She was crossing an intersection when a man stopped her. He told her that he had seen her give an old woman her seat 3 months ago and that he never forgot. We can really make a difference by the small acts of service we do!

We met with a former investigator the other day who had met the missionaries on and off for 10 years. She was so kind and nice, but later towards the end of the visit, she told us that she would never join our church. She said she respected our church but she doesn't believe in God because she needs solid proof. She kept telling us that believing isn't good enough. She then told us she just wanted to start meeting us again to be friends. She's not gospel interest, not English interest, but she's FRIEND interest! Never thought that would happen in Korea.

Also lately there have been a million ridiculously loud fighter jets flying really low to the ground. Every time I hear them coming I hide behind the furniture thinking that it's North Korea about to attack.. Maybe I'm a little too paranoid?

Anyway, sorry there isn't much time! Today is Chuseok ( Thanksgiving ) a HUGE Korean holiday so we're off to another appointment. 
 I love the area!  My health is getting better.  Love you bye!  
Sister Johnson

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