Wednesday, September 17, 2014

By the end of the night she broke the news to me!

 Chu seok (Thanksgiving) was a blast! We had two member meal appointments and we were SO stuffed. It was a day full of food and games. It was nice to have a day to spend time with the district and families. For Chuseok everyone usually goes down south to their grandparents homes so the streets on Monday were Filled with so many foreigners. It was slightly a little sketchy. Anyway, the BYU students came with us to our dinner appointment and we actually convinced one of the girls to go on a mission! 
It's a miracle! We actually didn't have to do anything. She was with us for most of the day and she saw how awesome missionaries were and by the end of the night she broke the news to me! SWEET. We were good examples for her and we didn't even know it!

The whole mission got together for Chu seok and got training and tons of activities. We had a talent show and my last companion and my current companion signed us up for stuff. I had to sing in front of 200 people against my will! They all got to hear my squeaky 12 year old boy voice.  Luckily I wasn't singing alone so I could hide my voice with theirs.. haha

Anyway the other day we went to a member's house to grab some food she had for us. And someone brought up the fact that my parents had served in this same mission. I ended up showing pictures of my parents while they were on their missions and the member totally knew who my dad was! He served in her ward when she was younger apparently. SMALL WORLD. 
It's so cool how many connections there are in the church. I'm so happy to be serving where my parents served(:
Anyway have a great week!
Sister Johnson

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