Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 Things I Love & would Like to Love ...

So we've been having troubles heart attacking members and investigators since all the apartments in this area have codes to get inside. Well Elder Nixon is new to our district because an Elder had to go home since he was sick. Anyway, Elder Nixon gave us the bright idea to look around the doorway to see if the code was hanging around. And guess what? He was right! We can now break into any apartment. So if you're ever in Korea and need to get into and apartment building, there's your way in! Apparently Koreans forget the password enough that they write it in obvious places. What's the point of having codes then??

At this last zone training, we were asked to list 5 things we loved about Korea and 5 things we would like to love. Here were the things I listed:
-the adorable Korean babies. I'm so close to stealing one and running off with it
-the fact that all Koreans are so hospitable and they ALWAYS give you free food(:
-buses and subways. The most convenient thing ever. Who needs a car?
-ICE CREAM. Enough said.
-PC rooms. Not really but I couldn't think of another thing..

-smokers and drinkers. They are EVERYWHERE.
-FOOD TRASH. It's the worst. Why can't we put all the trash in the same place??
-the humidity
-short skirts and boys who dress really feminine.
-Gang nam style.
-acid rain. I'm going to lose all of my hair!
Okay I realize there are more things that I dislike... But I promise I really love Korea!!!(:

Have a great week!  

  Sister Johnson

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