Monday, October 6, 2014

We covered so many gospel points and we cried together!

So we have this investigator who we;ve been trying to meet with for two months and we couldn't meet with her because it was "too hot outside" and so she didn't want to make us go outside... but we still had to go out and do missionary work anyway! Haha but we finally got to meet with her once it cooled down and it was by far the best lesson I've ever had. She's English interest but she loves learning and so she had so many questions about the gospel. It was so good! We covered so many gospel points and we cried together. I hope she'll continue to meet with us and progress!

We went sticker boarding with the district and we were an hour late when we finally started. It wasn't that great of a success and the people I got to put a sticker on the board would hurry and run away as fast as they could because they saw that we were missionaries. But then one lady was just standing there trying to read our boards and figure out what we were doing. We started talking to her and ended up giving her a Book of Mormon. 
We then continued talking and we found out that she lives in the building right next to ours! For reals this time! The area we were sticker boarding at was pretty far from our house and if we weren't late then we wouldn't have ever met with her. But the Lord truly will put those in our paths. She wouldn't give us her number, but we figured we'd just stalk her apartment until we run into her again(:

So I met with a member that used to serve with my Dad and Mom and she fed us soooo much! She gave us a meal then ice cream. We thought we were done but she also got us a box of donuts. We then still had some time left together so she took us to a cafe and got more drinks and a cake... I've never been so full in my life! Actually that's a lie.. Every time we have a meal appointment I'm always so stuffed because everyone thinks missionaries starve so they feed us their entire house. Anyway, she told us to never marry a Korean man because they're no good. My dad was okay for my mom to marry because he's technically "not really Korean.." haha
 Have a great week!   
Sister Johnson

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