Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We picked a spot & literally 10 seconds after another church plants themselves right next to us. with treats!

We went sticker boarding with the elders for our english class and we picked a spot and literally 10 seconds after we set up our stuff, another church plants themselves right next to us. With treats! Whaaaaaat.  
One of their 전도사(proselyting person..?) came up to me and read my name tag with disgust and I asked him if he heard of our church before and he said, "Well I just barely read your tag, didn't I?" 

 We definitely moved to another area far from them and we actually got a better spot! We had a ton of success. If you ever need to go proselyting, I highly suggest doing it in front of Baskin Robbins on a Saturday afternoon! The next day we actually had someone call us looking for more information. WOOHOO! Sticker boarding actually works!

We learned more about feeling the Holy Ghost, making goals and finding by the Spirit. This was probably the best zone conference I've ever been to. Here are the key things I learned:
-We need to remember the miracles the Lord has already given us.
-We are missionaries, so we are teachers. But during personal study, we are the learners.
-Remember that your confidence and faith should be in Christ, not yourself... Satan may take away our self-confidence, but he can't take away our belief of Christ. Whenever we feel like we cannot do something, we must always remember that this work is His work and because it's His work, there is nothing we cannot do.

Also, if you all have not seen the General Women's Broadcast, you should watch these adorable Korean children singing(: 

Have a great week!

 Sister Johnson.

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