Monday, October 20, 2014

We watched all of the conference on sunday. That was such a long but great conference marathon!

 Sometimes I think Korea is Las Vegas. I always feel like I'm walking down the strip. Just with a lot more tourists! Haha but all the fancy places here literally look like we're inside Caesars Palace.. It's so weird.

수원 (Suwon) had this huge festival. I wanted to go to it so badly but it didn't fall on a pday. Luckily the stake wanted all of us missionaries to work the booth in front of the church at 신풍 (Shinpoong) for family history work. 

The church is inside this huge historic wall. It was super fun giving away snacks and drinks while we could talk to people about family history work and about the church. It was a festival so other people didn't really seem too interested but we did find some great people! It was a good way to get our church name out there and our proselyting stats were so high that day. ^^ I didn't get to see the festival at all, but just seeing people coming through it made me happy.

I finally got to see conference! We watched all of it on Sunday. That was such a long but great conference marathon! My favorite talk was by President Henry B. Eyring. I could feel the spirit so strongly as he talked about his mother and wife.
 I also really loved President Thomas S. Monson's quote when he said, "It is far more important to have treasures in Heaven than on Earth." Before coming on the mission I didn't realize how important conference was and that I was so sucked up in the worldly things. But now I feel like my eyes have been opened and I've been living my life wrong. At least now I know I want to change my ways when I get back into the real world.

This week I also got to see a lunar eclipse! It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Also does any of my other missionary friends have people yelling "Hallelujah" at you?? I get that a lot. Also a lot of people think we're nuns... Is it just me?

I hope everyone has a great week! Especially my family who's on a cruise in the Caribbean...
Sister Johnson

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