Monday, October 20, 2014

We had stake singing conference & won cutting boards & ramen, It's what i've always wanted!

Suwon stake did this huge stake singing conference where all the wards sing two songs and get prizes! We started practicing songs months ago.. and our ward chose songs sung by Mormon Tabernacle Choir... Gotta go big or go home, right? Since I'm in the same stake as my last area, Anseong, I got to see some of the members! 

When I saw them they asked me to sing with them, especially since I practiced with them a few times before I left. I was more than happy to! Our choir only had ten people in it and half of them were missionaries.. But it went really well and it was so special that I got to sing with them(: Then I sang with the YSA in our ward. After that, there was another ward that chose one of the same songs as Gokbanjeong.. That was awkward.. It was then our turn to go next and we killed it! All those months of practice paid off.. We were better than the other ward.. Shh.. I've really learned to be humble on my mission.. ㅋㅋㅋ Just kidding! 

Everyone seriously sounded so good and guess what? We were all winners! We won cutting boards and ramen, It's what I've always wanted! Oh and then the missionaries sang the EFY Medley. I went up 4 times.. Everyone kept asking me which ward I actually served in.. Haha I proudly sang with both my ward and branch.

We've been deciding if we should drop our investigator that said God was a baby. We didn't set our usual appointment with her this week but she texted us and asked if we were meeting. I suddenly got a strong feeling that we should meet with her but my companion wasn't really sure about it. So we ended up meeting her and there wasn't anything special about that appointment, but afterwards I was just happy because I had followed that prompting. Maybe she'll actually read the scriptures we gave her and maybe she'll want to get baptized..??(:

Also my family went on a cruise and I prayed for their safety. Apparently one of the other cruise boats near them got a disease.. The power of prayer works! They didn't get a disease! Okay I'm so ridiculous I know. Sorry for those who have to read my emails.

Have a great week!
Sister Johnson

PICS: Sister Carter chopping my split ends... My hair has gotten really bad but none of us trust Koreans to cut our hair because another sister did it and she ended up looking like Paul Revere..
 Next pic is me and some lovely Anseong members!!! I missed them.

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