Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Totally worth it because we got her phone number!

We met our investigator that just has friend interest and she compared God to a baby. She literally said that God was a baby cause he needs attention all the time.. She definitely has some strong opinions that are slightly a little crazy. 
She also said she couldn't believe the Book of Mormon because she isn't interested in other peoples' lives, especially ones that died thousands of years ago... but we did ask her to read the Book of Mormon again with REAL INTENT to truly know if it was true and she said she would, because the other times she read it, she just read it for fun and out of curiosity of what our church believed. I really hope this time her heart will be open to it.

This week we went on exchanges and Sister Hales came to 곡반정 with me. We went proselyting that night and decided to talk to one more person, making it 10 for the day. We were pretty close to our apartment when we met this girl. She was so kind and was actually talking back to us so we walked with her. She asked us where we lived and I said the Samsung apts and she said she lived right next door! So we walked together and I started noticing that she wasn't going the right direction... And I remembered that there were a million apartments in Korea that were named Samsung apts. 

Sister Hales just came up for the day so she had no idea where we were going! The girl thought we didn't know where we lived because we're foreigners and I've only been in the area for 3 weeks. 
She guided us to our "apartments" and then we said her goodbyes. We then hid around a corner until the coast was clear and we sped-walked to our actual apartment 30 minutes away! I could have told the girl that we actually lived in a different place, but we had such a great conversation going and I didn't want to ruin it. So instead we took an hour detour. 
Totally worth it because we got her phone number! It's definitely worth it to talk to that one extra person.

Have a great week! 

 Sister Johnson

We are eating in a hut(:

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