Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I can't even count how many times I've sung as a missionary. It's fun though!

We met with our investigator that LOVES alcohol. In fact, she drank for cans of beer right before we came. Sooo. She was a little tipsy to say the least. We actually got to talk a lot about the gospel though and as I kept digging around, we found out that the reason why she started drinking is because she hates her husband. We found the source! So now we just have to find a way for her to be able to love her husband and stop her drinking addiction. It was a very interesting lesson, that's for sure.

Our house is infested with cockroaches. HELP. Okay not infested, we only found two. But when there's one, you know there's more!
In Gang nam, the Han River is in our area! So we explored it this week(: We can go on the bridge that takes you to Seoul Mission, but we can go about halfway before we're breaking the rules!  There's also a cool graffiti tunnel where the city allows graffiti to be done during the late hours of the night. Every time you go, there are different designs!

Stake conference was this weekend and our ward was in charge of doing the special musical numbers! We sang a few songs and I can't even count how many times I've sung as a missionary. It's fun though!

 I got to meet more of the Korean Sign Language members in Korea! After stake conference, they came up to me and talked for a long time! I tried to guess hand signals and things, but it was hard so we resorted to writing on a piece of paper. One was writing in Korean cursive and it's really hard to read it and I was having a difficult time so sometimes he'd resort to English. I found out that they knew my mom from youth conference and how my mom did a Kung fu show for everyone?!? MOM?!? That was quite the surprise. It was cool getting to talk with them though. I want to learn Korean Sign Language now. But maybe I should just focus on learning Korean.
 Have a great week! 
 Sister April Johnson

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