Tuesday, March 3, 2015

We also had our investigator pray at the end of our lesson this week. Guess what she prayed for?

I have been a missionary for over a year! I never thought that day would come. Mostly cause I thought I was going to die before then.. Haha but here I am! For pday, my MTC group will be going to Suwon and climb the castle wall! I'm excited to see everyone(:

We went sticker boarding this week at Gangnam Daero. It's the HUGE street that "Gangnam Style" talks about. It's jam packed with people and really expensive brand name stores. Sticker boarding there was like nothing I've ever seen! we literally just stood there and people CAME to us wanting to put stickers on. In Suwon, we basically had to follow people down the street for them to finally put a sticker on! I like Gangnam(:

We also had our investigator pray at the end of our lesson this week. Guess what she prayed for? She prayed so that Sister McNatt and I would be able to find our Prince Charming when we go back to America.. haha not the most ideal prayer we want our investigator to do, but hey it works, right??

This week we met with another potential investigator and she LOVES alcohol. Okay that's and understatement. She told us that her dying wish is to drink the most expensive alcoholic drink in the world. Her job is drinking, her hobbies are drinking, her whole life is drinking. She told us that she stopped drinking that one day for us when we met with her. So that just means we have to meet with her every day so she'll stop drinking, right? How do we help someone with that critical condition? Any ideas?

I also got to meet with my cousins again! They live in the area right next to us! We had a great time and shared a message about prayer. At the end, the mom told me that we can come whenever and do missionary work at her house. Meaning praying and teaching lessons! I think maybe that's why I was sent to Gangnam. To help with their interest in the church!

We met with another potential investigator and we went to go meet with another guy that wanted to learn English.. We ended up accidentally going across Han River... The boundaries for the Seoul mission. Oops! We were freaking out and didn't know how to tell our investigator that we couldn't go anymore.. It was quite the adventure! We ended up having to go to the other guys' house and introduce the correct missionary's number.

That was my week!  Hope everyone has a great week(:  
 Sister Johnson

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