Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's amazing that there are missionaries in Korea that are starting to learn KSL ( Korean sign language) & teaching deaf people!

A member invited us to a golf expo this week, but he had to leave early for another appointment so he left us. Four missionaries. In the convention center. A lot of golf booths. Free food. He had already paid for us to go in so we took it as a time to proselyte and look around. We got free samples and even met a famous person! I didn't know he was famous at the time, I just assumed he was cause he had a cardboard cutout of himself and there were random people wanting pictures with him. We met him and he was super nice so Elder Knapp got a picture with him.

 I thought about it, but if this guy wasn't actually famous, I didn't want a picture with a random person! Now I totally wish I got a picture with him. There is this HUGE tv show that has a lot of foreigners from around the world that are really good at Korean and they kind of act like the UN. It's a big hit and the guy that we met was one of the stars! Alberto from Italy. The Italian Stallion. Just kidding. That's just what we call him. 
But I DID get to meet someone famous in Gang nam! We showed some members the picture of the Elder and the famous guy and they were all freaking out! Now I really regret not taking a picture with him, haha!

Sister McNatt had an investigator that moved above the river (Seoul Mission) just before I moved to Gang nam. So we got extra special permission from the head honcho, Elder Ringwood, to go to her baptism! We went to the baptism and I got to meet my younger MTC group! Sister Ness! And found out that that ward was one of my Korean MTC group's homeward too! It was awesome getting to go there and be on enemies' grounds.. hahaha the baptism was beautiful and it was an adventure getting to go there and see some familiar faces(:

We also had this stake relief society meeting this week and a Korean sign language(deaf) member came up to me with one of the KSL missionaries and asked me who my parents were, if my mom was from Gwangju, and if my dad was named Matt. I said yes and the guy knows my parents! 
He came up to me and automatically knew that they were my parents. It's also amazing that there are missionaries in Korea that are starting to learn KSL and teaching deaf people! I was just amazed that he knew my parents! I started crying like a baby in front of him... It was just a cool experience to be able to communicate with him and realize we had a connection.

Anyway, random things have happened this week. 
 Have a great week!

  Sister April Johnson

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