Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The LA (Less active) realized the lady was listening and invited the lady to come sit and talk with us.

This week we had a miracle! We met with a less active that is from China and we decided to have dinner together and go eat at KFC. As we were eating, I asked her about her conversion story and she proudly shared it, explaining how if she had never come to Korea, she would have never found the church. During the 30 minutes of her telling is the story, I could  see a lady in the corner of my eye intently listening to us. She was listening to our less active's conversion story this whole time! 

The LA (Less active) realized the lady was listening and invited the lady to come sit and talk with us. The lady politely declined, but the LA was persistent and eventually got the lady to come sit with us and talk. As we started talking more, the lady had so many questions for us. She told us she attended a church close by and my first thought was that she was going to try and convert us to her church. Luckily, that was not the case! She had more questions; especially about the Book of Mormon.

We ended up staying at KFC for a while as we taught her many of the gospel principles. We were also able to pick her up as an investigator! Not only was that an awesome missionary moment for us, but for our less active as well! Who would have known that a simple less active lesson was going to turn into a member present lesson?? I love the Lord's little surprises and blessings He has in store for us(:

Then there was English flyer guy. I guess I forget all the time that I'm Asian and don't realize how strange it is for me to be speaking pretty fluent English on the streets of Korea. Sister McNatt and I were taking the subway back home one night and were discussing our awkward attempts at trying to find new investigators when this guy sitting next to me kept looking at us. I didn't really think anything of it cause we're missionaries and everyone gives us weird looks like that. Well we continue talking and Sister McNatt randomly hands me an English flyer. I didn't know what she was trying to do, so I just held it. 

The guy next to me then asks me if he could possibly have the flyer and continues to tell me that it was just really interesting to see a Korean speaking English so fast and that he wanted to speak like I did.. Hahaha.. I then told him I was actually one of the teachers and I think he was really bummed out. I think he thought that if he came to our English class, then he would be able to speak like me. Anyway, he said he'd still try to come to our class! But then he never showed up the next day... :( But my companion did say that she's now going to use me as bait and tell everyone if they come to our English class, they can become as good as me! Not such a great idea... haha

This week was fun. I hope your week was great! Happy spring!!

Sister Johnson

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